About Us

VALIDATA is a member of ESOMAR, the world association for market, social and opinion researchers, and GLOBAL, international marketing network

VALIDATA offers all types of marketing and sociological studies, including ethnographic studies, insight studies and B2B studies

VALIDATA is an independent privately-owned company specializing in research and public opinion studies since 1993

VALIDATA is a small but flexible, responsive and mobile company with a great committed team

VALIDATA is a team of professionals who love their job and know how to do it well. We  take pride in all of its departments: we are lucky to have our creative qualitative department, precision-minded quantitative department and meticulous field department, which is responsible for perfect quality of recruitment and fieldwork
VALIDATA has comfortable and beautifully designed premises in downtown Moscow

Our Approach

We try to gain a deep understanding of the Client's problems, their background, data already available and tasks the Client is facing
We understand the market its development and trends, we get the understanding using our experience and listening to our respondents attentively
We do not only work professionally we enjoy the process (and we’ll be happy to share all we got to know)

Our Office

Our cozy office is located in downtown Moscow. With unique modern design and customized to meet all needs of a market research venue, it features three focus group rooms, each equipped with a one-way mirror so that observers in the back room could watch groups without disturbing the participants. Also, since we realize that Client's personal attendance is not always possible, our facilities are Focus Vision (www.focusvision.com) web streaming enabled.
Size of focus group room: 20.4 sq.m
Size of back room: 14.6 sq.m
Size of focus group room: 17.5 sq.m
Size of back room: 11 sq.m
Size of focus group room: 21 sq.m
Size of back room: 12.7 sq.m

Our Team


Мария Волькенштейн

Maria Volkenstein

CEO, President of Validata
Тереза Менкржевская

Teresa Menkrzhevskaya

Deputy CEO, Project Coordinator
Алана Лолаева

Alana Lolaeva

Project Coordinator

Quantitative Team

Юлия Махнутина

Julia Makhnutina

Head of Quantitative Department
Елена Щекина

Elena Schekina

Дарья Тучкова

Daria Tuchkova

Ксения Хабарова

Ksenia Khabarova

Qualitative Team

Александра Примакова

Aleksandra Primakova

Head of Qualitative Department
Арина Муратова

Arina Muratova

Ольга Масюкова

Olga Massioukova

Александра Васильева

Aleksandra Vasilyeva

Наталья Лем

Natalia Lem

Оксана Бочарова

Oksana Bocharova

Елена Руднева

Elena Rudneva

Оксана Виноградова

Oksana Vinogradova

Анна Новоженова

Anna Novozhenova

Анастасия Поляк

Anastasia Polyak

Field Department

Дмитрий Яковенко

Dmitriy Yakovenko

Head of Field Department
Алена Степаненко

Alyona Stepanenko

Александра Филиппова

Aleksandra Philippova

Анна Варламова

Anna Varlamova

Алла Винокурова

Alla Vinokurova

Ольга Беляева

Olga Belyaeva